Stream: The Olympians "Midnight Movement" MP3


There's solo ventures in the works at Truth and Soul Records and there hasn't been a peep about breaking up. The stigma of groups disbanding to give each other creative space, that's hogwash to the T&S boys. They've made great music using mostly the same band members, just changing their name to fit the focus of the project—plain and simple. Next on deck is Toby Pazner's full-length album.

He's been a beast on the keys, lending thick chords to his contributions to the El Michels Affair and Lee Fields & The Expressions. Now he's introducing us to The Olympians, the production he's prepping with his new single, "Midnight Movement." Pazner dances with keyboarding that almost feels like traditional swing. It's a calm rock, then the trombones wail dark, and stormy courtesy of fellow Olympian Aaron Johnson. Before you get into the groove, Pazner's style is explained below from his MySpace.

"With a mixture of soulful sounds reminiscent of Isaac Hayes, Mickey and the Soul Generation, and Curtis Mayfield, The Olympians are well suited for a lazy Sunday, a trip to the beach or any pensive moment. Recorded in his bedroom on a Tascam 388, The Olympians give us that gritty yet sweet sound that can only from NY. Pazner has been hard at work cranking out a plethora of goodness and this is just a taste of what is coming from The Olympians."

Stream: The Olympians "Midnight Movement" MP3