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Theophilus London, "Don't Be Afraid" MP3


A few months ago we saw Theophilus London singing a little bit at a show and thought it was precisely the right move. It wasn't a Drake/Kanye-style auto-croon but raw and shaky in a way that made his usual romanticism sound even more urgent. At the time we didn't know when or where that singing would appear in recorded form, but now we do, right here on this Janka Nabay original track from London's forthcoming I Want You mixtape, which will finally be out April 28th. From what we've heard so far, it's going to cause some problems this spring and summer when every girl you know won't be quiet about how interesting Theophilus is and how he dresses so cool. This is the man's burden. Hit the jump for a pretty good visual representation of what we're talking about and another song from the mixtape.

Download: Theophilus London, "Don't Be Afraid"

Theophilus London, "Don't Be Afraid" MP3