Herr Jazz Died?


"Bummer. You guys are a fun band." So reads the first of the Olympia punk-poppers' MySpace tributes. Yes, friends, we are sad to report that Herr Jazz is dead. We hardly knew ye! In fact, we knew ye for about three weeks and roughly 21 weeks too late. Hard on the heels of our joy was the note we found on Herr Jazz's MySpace--"We are breaking up"--earlier this morning, dated October 18. In the bands' words, "its been good, but we just don't have the time or ability to train a new drummer living in different cities, and we're running out of steam." Let us only say that, man, we commiserate, and props to all the future projects that may be born from your rubble, but let's be straight for a second here. You're exhausted? Dudes. You're twenty.

Herr Jazz, Hey Merlin Thanks For The Free Coffee

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Herr Jazz Died?