Rusko f. Amber Coffman, “Hold On (Sub Focus RMX)” MP3


We are having so many emotions right now we’re not sure how to express them all in less than 75,000 words, but we will shoot for brevity. First off, this was already a massive tune, with Rusko‘s sharpest dubstep frequencies feminized by Dirty Projector Amber Coffman’s angelic keening. But then Sub Focus had to come along with his bloodletting drum and bass juice? Pretty sure our heads are going to snap clear off like we’re Barbie dolls. Rusko’s new album, OMG, comes out May 4, and showcases both how talented he is as a dubstep producer, and how nimble he can be in other genres, all the while traversing dub, drum and bass, big-room rave, a kind of hilarious amount of vocoder (partly in homage to one of his favorites, Dam-Funk) and a Gucci Mane cameo—and none of it sounds forced. This exploration of styles is probably going to piss someone off in a dubstep forum somewhere, but that person is being a baby. Also, Rusko produced the majority of M.I.A.’s forthcoming album, so that is kinda like a big deal.

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  1. Danny United says:

    your words could not be more true…

    love the original, love this remix!

    dubstepforum is buggin out right now too and I think its hilarious.