Sia, "Clap Your Hands" (Diplo Remix) MP3

The only thing percolating in Suite903 in the morning is a hangover from too much lovemaking. Anything more would be dangerous to our sensitive ears and would shatter the warm bubble of soul we try to remain in until at least 1pm. That said, Sia is perfect for our morning rituals because her voice is like a soft pillow and as the pillar to Zero 7's silky soundwaves, she's a no brainer.

Diplo on the other hand is for raging. This Madonna cover of "Oh Father" cum remix snuck into our membranes this morning and we survived. The heavy bumps at the beginning will actually murder you if you're rehydrating (with non-toxic fluids) but otherwise this mix gives Sia's voice an edge and the rest of us unintended pop lock poses. The hand claps sound like someone chopped and screwed the "NO MUSIC" chant and all we need is even a hint of that to start getting buck. Of course now we'll be forced to have a margarita at lunch, or maybe a Bloody Mary. Sometimes life is about sacrifice. Fine, we'll just keep it to jungle juice. Listen after the jump and check your headphone volumes before you play.

Download: Sia, "Clap Your Hands" (Diplo Remix)

[Giant Step]

Sia, "Clap Your Hands" (Diplo Remix) MP3