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Premiere: Momma's Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, "Party Rock" MP3


Momma's Boy and Mixik the Cat are actually the same person—producer Mike Gnacadja—so the concept of one man doing a song versus himself might sound weird at first. But from moniker to moniker, he creates two separate and distinct styles of music: Momma's Boy is his spry techno-leaning alter, as his bubbly tracks on the Sound Pellegrino and Anabatic labels can attest, while Mixik the Cat takes a slightly darker slant, aiming towards 4AM low-end rattlers for releases with darkhearted heroes Trouble & Bass. So in lieu of having a constant internal soundclash, on his new EP, At Night, he attempts to integrate his brainwaves, uniting his musical personalities into one whole unit. Said unit is still somewhat insane and includes handclaps, bass throb, a couple parts that sound like a fireman's hose, a demonic vocal sample and twitchy knobs, however, so we're gonna posit that if Gnacadja ever goes full Sybil on us, dancefloors worldwide will actually explode. Head over to Nightshifters to grab another track and order the full EP.

Download: Momma's Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, "Party Rock"

Premiere: Momma's Boy vs. Mixik the Cat, "Party Rock" MP3