Premiere: The Goodnight Loving - The Pan

Two years ago, in their hometown alternative weekly, Evan Rytlewski wrote of The Goodnight Loving, "It's hard, in fact, to picture a better house band for Milwaukee than The Goodnight Loving. The group touches on many of the sounds Milwaukeeans love most, from rollicking, country-tinged guitars to the thumping rockabilly bass and the unlabored aesthetic of '60s garage-pop, which the band shares with Dusty Medical label-mates like Elephant Walk and the Midwest Beat." Since then, the foursome signed to Portland punktrust Dirtnap Records, a destination—given Rytlewski's dead-on description— that may seem an odd fit to most ears at first. But it works. In listening to "The Pan", first mpfree from The Goodnight Loving Supper Club, one quickly gets the sense (like fellow Milwaukee-ans Jaill) these guys wouldn't just rule at home in the Midwest—they'd sound perfect on the coasts, too.

The Goodnight Loving Supper Club is out July 20.

The Goodnight Loving, The Pan

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Premiere: The Goodnight Loving - The Pan