Stream: Francis and the Lights’ It’ll Be Better


Not too long ago, Francis came into our office (without the Lights) to play his new album It’ll Be Better. We were humming and dancing along to every track, and then before we knew it, it was over. We were like, Really? Dude! Already? Can we get maybe two more tracks? Then he reminded us that short albums are totally where it’s at, even if you’re wishing for more the whole time. But can you blame us? Dude ended his record with “Get in the Car,” which, in the hands of a lesser songwriter would be a borderline drugstore jam. But in Francis’ hands, it already sounds like a classic and, lyrically, is a little off-putting and ambiguous. The rest of the album isn’t that much different, and luckily you can stream it below. Normally we’d make some joke about how that means you have to just chill on our website for the next 79 minutes and 59 seconds, but, like we said, this is short and sweet. You’ve got time.

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  1. Nicki Minaj’s latest song Right Through Me is really a tremendous blessing. The hook is infectious and she proves that she still got it in the verses.