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Holy Ghost!, "Say My Name" MP3

photographer Anna Bauer

Yesterday we posted up Holy Ghost!'s remix of LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" single, today we've got a new original HG track. The imminent release of their EP, Static on the Wire, from which "Say My Name" is taken, is pretty exciting. Officially, the group has only released two tracks and a cover (amongst a number of remix and a host of fancy DJ gigs), so the EP almost doubles their creative output. We've been waiting some time for this—two years ago, Holy Ghost! invited us to the studio to videotape their recording, with the caveat that we not release the footage until the music was available. May you soon hear the hook of "Static on the Wire" we've had in our head since Bush was president. Until then, "Say My Name"'s punchy disco glam should coddle you well.

Download: Holy Ghost!, "Say My Name"

Holy Ghost!, "Say My Name" MP3