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Listen: Phosphorescent's "The Mermaid Parade"

A uh, friend of ours takes guitar lessons every week and he told us this really cute story recently. His guitar teacher was packing up for the day and peacocking/grumbling because a few of his friends were pleading with him to come play that night in a bar somewhere in Brooklyn. He said he was just so tired of having played and taught all day, the last thing he wanted to do was play some more. It reminded him a little bit of being a kid, when his oldest brother worked the grill at a local McDonalds. Everyday he'd ask his brother about work, completely wowed by the fact that he could eat Happy Meals for free every day if he wanted to. His brother said, "Little bro, I don't even want to think about cheesburgers at the end of the day, let alone eat one." You probably know where this is going. Every once and a while a song or album comes along that reminds you why you love music so much, why you wanted to write about it for pay so badly for so long. That's what Matthew Houck bka Phosphorescent's "The Mermaid Parade" has done to us in the past 48 hours. Tears. Smiles. All of it. Every solo, every line, every piano plunk and horn blast makes us feel ready and strapped in for another 26 years of what's to come. Hopefully it'll be recognized as an American classic before then. Call it hyperbole, but it sounds like one to us right now.

Phosphorescent, The Mermaid Parade

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Listen: Phosphorescent's "The Mermaid Parade"