Mz. Chawles, "Sillyhappywild" MP3

Tanika Charles has been making a name for herself by opening for acts like The Roots, Estelle, and Bedouin Soundclash while also singing backup for Zaki Ibrahim. Quite a résumé for someone who only decided to sing for the public in 2007. With her deep, warm voice and a classically classy crew of men backing her up, Mz. Chawles has been hitting all the right notes with the old school soul genre (i.e. Sharon Jones).

Now, I'm no expert in style, but if her attire at the Ontario Art Gallery Fundraiser means anything I'd say we have something of a mix between a soul diva and burlesque show going on with her. Either way Mz. Chawles is giving us some good vibes with her first EP that comes out on May 8th. Check out a sneak peak of her track "Sillyhappywild" from her EP What! What? What?! as well as a glimpse of her wild side at the recent AOG show after the jump.

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Download: Mz. Chawles, "Sillyhappywild"

Mz. Chawles, "Sillyhappywild" MP3