Parental Advisory: Anita Baker Goes Country on New Album

Check for updates on what your parent’s favorite musicians are doing in our weekly Parental Advisory post. This week’s soul pioneer still making a stamp on music: Anita Baker.

When we say "songstress" normally we're referring to a female's vocal presence associated with the product of that which we play at an audible volume. The term we use so liberally is actually synonymous with the titular debut of the '80s R&B living legend, Anita Baker. Respect is due to the lady who probably was responsible for your 'rents giving each other googly-eyes to "Caught Up in the Rapture." No? Follow us down the road of adult contemporary nostalgia like DOOM did when he lifted the ebony and ivory from "Sweet Love" for "Hoe Cakes."

Anita, we need'ya to stay with us especially after the frightening chance of going to jail over royalties. Making seductive masterpieces is what we know her for; doing country music, we're still catching up. She's treading new ground by recording in Nashville for her next album on Blue Note. And speaking of Anita and bluegrass, Snoop Dogg will assist her on a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Give Me Your Love." We're caught up. Scroll down to catch a clip of Anita performing recently on The Mo'Nique Show.

Anita Baker - Sweet Love
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Parental Advisory: Anita Baker Goes Country on New Album