Priestbird, “Diamond” + “Stay” MP3


Priestbird‘s last album In Your Time remains a hidden gem in the category we’ve dubbed Ocean Metal (as of two seconds ago) because it is both heavy and awesome while at the same time feeling quite pleasant. It’s like being super hardcore into being pale so you can look scary but then going to the beach in a speedo every day with a huge black umbrella. You can have both! Plus, knowing Priestbird’s Greg Rogove to be a pretty fun dude judging by his antics with Devendra, both in the Hairy Fairies band and Megapuss, there’s no way this band sits in a gross house in Los Feliz cursing at god like some other people we know. All this is borne out in a forthcoming follow-up titled Beachcombers, two tracks from which you can download right here. “Diamond” is Ocean Metal, “Stay” is just Ocean. We like them both and will now go outside to splash in the pee-pee puddles that New Yorkers like to think of as our version of ponds. Catch Priestbird in LA playing with our gals in Warpaint on May 8th at Bootleg Theatre and the night before at a secret show IF YOU CAN FIND IT.

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