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Premiere: Diskjokke, "1987 (Radio Edit)" MP3


The background of Disjokke's MySpace page is palm trees and green hills, something resembling a photo from a Caribbean vacation more than, well, Oslo. Norway's spiritual terrain does look at lot closer to paradise, as Diskjokke and his space disco cohorts have continually proven. "1987," from En Fin Tid, Diskjokke's June album on Smalltown Supersound, does not stray far from the beach or from space or from whatever airy locale metaphor you wish to make. It does lean heavier on quick drums, starting with a loop that could be from a disco workout tape circa ’87. But it's got pan flutes and tweaked synths, not a heavy stray from beach party on Mars or on a Norwegian fjord. Same thing, it seems.

Download: Diskjokke, "1987 (Radio Edit)"

Premiere: Diskjokke, "1987 (Radio Edit)" MP3