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Robin Thicke, "Fall Again" MP3

If you have ever been to a wedding and heard some Kenny Lattimore, this song will take you right to that moment. We haven't heard this kinda raw sax since 1998. If this seems a little outrageous even for Robin Thicke that's because it was not meant for him. This was a demo track for the late great MJ (moment of silence). You might not get down with this easy-listening anymore but we'd give anything to hear Michael Jackson sing this or any other song. Robin is a great stand in with his smooth falsetto. Give us a moment. We're having a flashback/breakdown. Listen after the jump.

P.S. Let us know if you hear the same Beatles sample of "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" we hear or if we're going into early dementia. Leave one in the comments.

Download: Robin Thicke, "Fall Again"


Robin Thicke, "Fall Again" MP3