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Spencer Krug Was in a Ska Band Once


In a recent radio interview with local radio personality Narduwar, Frog Eyes' Carey Mercer talked at length about his home province of British Columbia. He also discussed very briefly, at Narduwar's urging, Swan Lake bandmate Spencer Krug's dalliances in ska, specifically as a member of a band named Two Tonne Bowlers. A quick trip down Google Lane will take you over to Amazon, where you're more than welcome to purchase a copy of The All-Skanadian Club, a "best of" Canadian ska comp which conveniently includes "Status", a Two Tonne Bowlers track featuring vocals that could only belong to Krug. Mercer calls it "pre-history", we call it pretty awesome. Listen to the interview here, enjoy a snippet of "Status" here. Be sure to give the former some time to warm up—Mercer doesn't get going until about 3/8 of the way in.

Frog Eyes' Paul's Tomb: A Triumph is out now via Dead Oceans. Wolf Parade's Expo 86 is out June 29, via Sub Pop.

Spencer Krug Was in a Ska Band Once