The-Dream ft. T.I., "Make-Up Bag" MP3

Leave it to The-Dream to make a song that captures such a specific situation. How can you not think this man is a genius?!?! You may not even have to wait for your girl to be mad. Chicks will be grinding so hard in the club to this just in an attempt to convince you to drop 5 stacks on it. We however are uppity. We will not be accepting just any type of bag on sale at Sak's; we need something way more solid homie. Here's a guide:

#1. Louis Vuitton: Trunks only. Just in case we gotta stage a walkout on your groupie-lovin ass.

#2. Prada: The Fairy bags from 2008. Yes it was limited edition—we're not understanding what you're saying.

#3. Hermes (Birkin or Kelly): 10-20 stacks but you should've done the Heizman on the hoe.

#4. Fendi: Forget a bag. We want these. All colors.

#5. Valentino: The man has 5 dogs, houses all over the world, a museum exhibition of his work. Pretty sure his dude doesn't buy him make-up bags.

We'd like to apologize in advance to the dudes who are not ballin. This is not your summer. Stay strong!

Download: The-Dream f. T.I., "Make Up Bag"

The-Dream ft. T.I., "Make-Up Bag" MP3