Video: Sade "Babyfather"


In a hand-picked blog post, Suite903 uses the female and male perspective to deconstruct a relevant theme. Sade's new video, "Babyfather" prompts this week's open discussion with Venus vs. Mars.

Venus: It's not bad enough Sade has set a completely unattainable bar of looking 33 forever and being so fly as you get older that younger women automatically surrender when you walk into the room. Now she's in the kitchen cooking and handing out ice cream to the kids. If all housewives were this hot, everyone would work from home. Sade you have to stop! You can't keep being immortally beautiful and selling the greatest fantasies the world has ever seen. We can't live up to your standard of perfection. Starting tomorrow we're going to boil ourselves in aloe every morning.

Mars: Sade is a reminder that when you reach a certain age, there comes a point where you start to value other things than how women carry themselves. Ms. Adu has 50 years of practice, not like it is as strenuous as trial and error would be, so you can get over how she manages to maintain her natural glow. This is where guys get the cold shoulder for not following the routine for giving out arbitrary compliments, no matter how pressing the situation. When faced with a chance to rave about the fried fish and jello with fruit delights she rustles up in the kitchen, then there's room to appreciate how she embraces being a domestic woman, not so much housewife (no rings on her fingers). That's not to say that her place as a competitive businesswoman isn't important too. "Babyfather" just shows there just isn't as much warmth in a pantsuit compared to an apron and rubber gloves. Thanks Sade.

Video: Sade "Babyfather"