Ciara, "One More Dance" MP3

This does not sound like the new (rappin' and ridin' dirty) Ci-Ci we hear lately, but we still love it. There's a life support beep just going off in all those synths. We like to think its the sound of Ciara's reign coming back to life. This is a dance track that could have been left out from Fantasty Ride, so they say. We say it's more befitting for the glam girls, not the around the way ones she's repping. And by default, "One More Dance" showcases what Ciara does best: work her body!

Seriously, we hope her next album has no ballads because we do not need them. We want leotard-wearing, sweat 'til your hair looks straight, hip-bone-injuring, seven-inch heel-stompin' jams. All these R&B dudes are trying to get people pregnant this summer. Cee is just trying to keep you in shape.

Download: Ciara "One More Dance"

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Ciara, "One More Dance" MP3