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Video: Buju Banton "Optimistic Soul"


The dance that Buju does on stage during the video is actually the same dance we do in our sleep to wake ourselves. Never mind that we're exposing ourselves to the risk of shaken baby syndrome, we love to appear sprite from the moment we open our eyes. Buju on the other hand looks quite great doing it and doesn't have his pajama pants fall down, exposing him to the frigid morning air. We're thinking about wearing belted PJs.

This video creates envy in us because we can't think of anything we'd rather do all summer than join the great Buju Banton in promoting this cut from Rasta Got Soul. We can live vicariously through the tour footage thinking of being exposed to god knows what kind of infinite wisdom, music and culture he's amassed in his travels. Also don't you see how happy he makes everyone? Don't you see his beautiful smile and charming demeanor? We may be jaded New Yorkers but we recognize sunshine beaming through "Optimistic Soul"'s intimate black and white treatment. Buju is real, classic and just plain amazing.

Video: Buju Banton "Optimistic Soul"