Adrienne Bailon f. Ghostface, “Take Me Home” MP3

For a pop song this is a pretty faithful recreation of Lisa Lisa’s 1984 freestyle track (above), though we’re pretty sure the original version of “Take Me Home” didn’t include a rapper saying Let’s be out so we can practice making babies on the bridge. Hey, it’s a changed world… for the better, as evidenced by both Lisa’s outfit and the mere existence of Ghostface in the mass consciousness. If Ghost had been in the original video, think he’d be one of the muscled-out jheri curled dudes dancing behind Lisa? Nah, he’d probably be wearing the same thing he always wears: a super fluffy XXXXL robe and a giant belt. Adrienne Bailon should get 3LW back together.

Download: Adrienne Bailon f. Ghostface, “Take Me Home” (via Miss Info)

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