Stream: Melo-X f. Sonnymoon, "HTLV" MP3


Drake's thoughts on the weather make for great conversation. He's been precipitating panties when he performs, a sight that could be linked to any man wearing their heart on their sleeve (his is on the chest of a Comme des Garçons shirt), but DJ/producer Melo-X is known cater to the female nether region too through his monthly Electric Punnany party here in NYC.

Melo finds common ground with Drake by covering "Houstonatlantavegas" for his Htlv EP out now on iTunes. When Melo signs his name to a remix, expect a gale-force return of '90s boom-bap high-hats and kick drums. Dude can smack the daylights out of a drum machine, which he did last year remixing Kid Cudi's "Day n Night." Listen to how he changes the shape of Sonnymoon's Drake cover.

Click here to purchase one of the three records from Melo-X's Htlv EP.

Stream: Melo-X f. Sonnymoon, "HTLV" MP3