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Todd Edwards, "I Might Be" (Joy Orbison Remix) MP3


We just want to say we're having our late passes up and waving high on this one. We're aware we're little behind but hey its our blog we can do whatever we want! Just kidding (not really). We could go on and on about how Joy Orbison is pretty much the godsend of the dubstep world; how this mix has the perfect 2-step vibe that you could use to trick even your grandmother into jammin out to, or how a certain Suite903 editor is possibly living a parallel hypothetical life to Joy's. We won't though.

It's a much more toned down version of the original but that's part of Joy's talent: knowing exactly how much to add and how much to take away. It's like the way your grandmother never uses measuring cups while cooking, just pinches of this and dashes of that and how damning it is when you try to be a G like her and fail. Joy Orbison we will not try to be you. We will however enjoy the fruits of your labor when Scion A/V releases this Todd Edwards remix and others on May 25th. We're very into it. Listen after the jump.

Download: Todd Edwards "I Might Be" (Joy Orbison Remix)

Todd Edwards, "I Might Be" (Joy Orbison Remix) MP3