Stream: Lloyd f. Mystikal, “Set Me Free” (Produced by Bangladesh)


Admittedly this has been kicking around a bit now with drops coming from a Lloyd mixtape, but we just heard Funk Flex drop it. The inclusion of Mystikal is a slightly dubious choice, but we’re going to say it: potential summer jam. The beat is just too good. It would be wrong to say “Bangladesh is killing it right now” because he is never not killing it. Yes please to hoarse saxophone chacha Oceans 11 shit with Lloyd creepy/sexy over top, rhyming about vacations. Here’s hoping someone pulls Mystikal off this and gets TI. Check a no-drop, CDQ stream below and listen for it on Hot 97.

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  1. Colin Dodsworth says:

    Lloyd makes about 4 references to NOLA, the beat has a Second Line Marching Band sample, shit basically sounds like “Bouncing Back” pt 2 — how is this NOT supposed to be Mystikal’s song????

  2. Southern Girl says:

    I agree, plus Mystikal paid his dues so T.I. could do his thing. Good to hear him back.

  3. b.lluunndd says:

    “I done told ya/and I done showed ya/I’m like leftover pizza – I’m gettin colder”

    Mystikal is dope as fuck – TI would sound cheesy over this shit in comparison.

  4. Grapes says:

    MYSTIKAL !!! It felt so long since he’s been on *singalong* !!! How should he not be on this !? Colin is 100% right about this. They should even go all out and include Fiend on this French Quarter Parade type of Bomshell !!! Where the hell is KLC !? And Why are Medicine Men not completely rouling 2010!? KLC & L-Vis 1990 collabo with Fiend and Mystikal vocal stutter samples and a Diplo & Mike Dean Remix, That’s it. A Side, B Side CHECK !!! It could be all so simple, really …

  5. Slim says:

    Ummmmm, this write-up shows a complete lack of understanding of hip-hop. This song SCREAMS for Mystikal to be on it, remember “Bumping Me Against the Wall”?