Christina Aguilera f. Nicki Minaj, “WooHoo” MP3


Never one to let a powerful woman pass her by for a guest spot, Aguilera employed Nicki Minaj for a verse on her upcoming album, letting Minaj carry the weight of explicating the salacious “WooHoo” metaphor. This echoes past collaborations with Lil Kim, though it’s definitely a 2010 jam, with producer Polow da Don‘s laser-gun beat popping futuristic shots beneath Xtina’s formidable voice. And it further proves there’s really no reason for her to move into Gaga’s zip code as she did in her most recent video.

Download: Christina Aguilera f. Nicki Minaj, “WooHoo” (via Miss Info)

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  1. riiiight says:

    This sounds like a Pussycat Dolls song. Polow has produced plenty of those. Love me some Nicki Minaj though.

  2. rach says:

    I like how the writer said this song was hot but xtina WAS NOT moving in to “gaga;s zip code” with nmt!!! If anything, it was madonna!! Xtina has worn weird outfits before, like in her fighter vid! This is nothing new. I think the writer needs to change that paragraph!! Anyway, i loobe woohoo and i hope it’s on the radio soon!

  3. babypuff says:

    LOL, love this song already, Nicki was hilarious!!! She’s so versitile…this is gonna be a banger for sure!

  4. Greasy says:

    Love the song, not so much the bandwagon comparison. I think Rach says it best.

  5. Dzero says:

    HOT HOT HOT song! i gotta say, this girl is crazy talented, for balads to rock to pop to old school, to this! she is gonna be around for a long ass time

  6. Boogie says:

    This is so lazy of Christina. I was looking forward to a more progressive-sounding record from her, especially considering some of the producers she was working with. It sounds like an ode to major-label histrionics with Nicki Minaj’s name-dropping of Jimmy Iovine, et al., and the hyper-sexualization of the subject matter (which IS rampant among their male counterparts). I think I liked Christina more when everyone thought she was “iamamiwhoiam” or whatever.

  7. GagaisLIFE says:

    Loooovvee this song! Xtina not only reinvents herself as an artist but as a vocalist as well! Love!!! If gaga and X ever did a duet it would be the pinacle of PoP!! Btw…is Boogie Perez Hilton? Perez seems to be the only hater on Woohoo.

  8. Ernesto says:

    Loving this song! One of the reasons Christina is the great artist that she is is because of her versatility. She’s tackled so many different types of music, and each time it’s been pretty amazing. Woohoo needs to be played at the club. NOW

  9. Spartan says:

    Disgusting song, I felt like throwing up listening to this Garbage.

  10. killed it b says:

    ily diss song nicki part was funny she did gud