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Video: Refelction Eternal f. Estelle, "Midnight Hour"


Last week a friend tweeted at us two simple necessities. Estelle seems to cosign and we applaud her on-point styling as well. Everything about Estelle in this video we are feeling. Surprisingly, we're also feeling Talib's intellectual threads. Sartorially, this is his best move. Then again, almost everyone looks good in a fresh grey suit and rappers almost never go wrong when bringing sexy back is their modus operandi.

At Suite903 we prefer a smoother look than some baggy jeans, a sweater and a Pelle Pelle jacket. Not saying those were Talib's wardrobe choices, just speaking generally. Anyway the outfits match the brass-heavy sound of big bands from soul's early beginnings. Even the liquor sponsorship is all grown up in "Midnight Hour." Hurray for random product placement!

Video: Refelction Eternal f. Estelle, "Midnight Hour"