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Video: Woodsman, "Smells Like Purple"

Because we are children of the internet and have ADD and probably every other attention-related disorder there is, we found ourselves briefly clicking on another tab during this video of Woodsman jamming just a portion of their FOURTEEN-minute, brain-bursting epic "Smells Like Purple." It's not a knock against the band—this shit is undeniably awesome—but it did end up working in everyone's favor, because when we clicked back to the video there were images of naked women laid over shots of the band jamming the fuck out and we were like, WHAT IS GOING ON? And then before we knew it the entire thing was over. We had big plans of hotboxing our office so we could spend our entire day living out the name of this song, but then we thought we saw a black helicopter and got nervous and hid under the table for awhile. Maybe next time, stoner bros!

Video: Woodsman, "Smells Like Purple"