6 Songs to Get Mariah Carey's "Angel's Advocate" Off the Shelf

Without getting too far ahead of predicting the outcome of Mariah Carey's next studio effort, there is still afterlife for the remix album that never was—Angel's Advocate. People actually still care about MC besides her superboo Nick Cannon and the devoted Japanese teenage girls that still flock to Mariah Carey's shows. To be able to churn out chart-topping #1 single after single as effortlessly as she flashes her midriff, that's talent right there.

Mariah hasn't had it easy being a veteran to pop and R&B. She's fallen off her rocker (in music and her personal life) causing her margin of error to catch up to her. Now her second compilation of remixes will be withheld from release. All it should take is gathering some of the best upgrades to her already existing hits to pad her library of multi-platinum material. People do brain surgery everyday, how hard could this be? We saved Mimi the trouble of going to such tiring lengths by gathering six of our favorites we'd like to see work their way into a subsequent version of Angel's Advocate. So like Diddy said, "This. Is. The. Remix."

Mariah Carey f. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy, "Shake It Off" (Remix)

The last time Mariah was so flawless it was on The Emancipation of Mimi. It was her first album for Island/Def Jam since leaving Sony. For a lady with more #1's than Elvis, she still had something to prove signing to the label that had it's own Louisville Slugger—Jay-Z. She partnered with Jigga and Jeezy for her obligatory hot-rappers-of-the-moment collab, with the result of "Shake It Off" remix a little underwhelming. Not her best, nor was it another scene-stealing verse from Hova, in fact Jeezy turned out to be dope boy fresh. Having Def Jam's three major powerhouses (even though Jeezy was a legend in the making with Thug Motivation 101) the "Shake It Off" remix deserves to be a part of a bigger release than just a single on iTunes.

Mariah Carey f. R. Kelly, "Touch My Body" (Remix)

Leave it to R. Kelly to make the impossible seem possible. Yep, The R. and Mimi made music together, well sort of. Kells just freestyles about beating around the bush before his animal instinct kicks in, nothing special. Bang bang! It would really take a miracle for Mariah Carey to get in the lab with Kells. He did write a song for Celine Dione, another "voice" that gets stroked by conservative geriatrics. Mariah, we believe you can fly one day with Kells.

Mariah Carey f. Akon and Lil Wayne, "Bye Bye" (Remix)

Mariah's most somber moments are pretty tough to get through without getting choked up. While most of her aural memorials have been slow ballads, the remix to "Bye Bye" is release therapy with a more uptempo outlook. Akon and Weezy have been through tough times too—they know how to wear their heart on their sleeves as Wayne does lamenting about he loss of his dad and granny. This is one of the best moments by Mariah and friends that shines brighter than any Glitter.

Mariah Carey f. Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (So So Def Remix)

Do we really need another Christmas album by Mariah Carey? Maybe for her next she'll don a new alias like Bianca from "Heartbreaker," and present it under more fitting title, Mariah Carey Claus Cannon. Whoa, those are triple "C"'s (no Rawse)! Having a thriving relationship with Jermaine Dupri, doing all Bass music for an album would finally show more of Mariah's versatility. In all fairness, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart have also given Mariah a second wind helping her to channel her flirtatious side with songs like "Touch My Body," and even her last studio LP Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel. But they didn't do well for Mariah's standards for selling out albums.

Huck Finn f. Mariah Carey, "On the Floor"

OK, so it Mariah Carey isn't officially on Huck Finn's record, big deal. When you search for Mariah Carey remixes on YouTube, you get this little buried treasure. The female adlibbing on the record does sound weirdly like Mariah is breathing over the track, but we could be just be the ones spewing hot air.

School Gyrls f. Mariah Carey, "Get Like Me"

Despite not being a daily trending topic on Twitter, there are other kid-friendly pop acts that mean as much as Justin Bieber. So if you don't have Bieber Fever, the next best thing: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's side project, School Gyrls. Nick found the three little women (not 3LW) and got Mariah to help pen "Get Like Me." They have all the sweetness and sass that MC would have had if she were about two decades younger. Finally after so many years of the spotlight being on Mariah she and Nick can create talent outside of her own. It was over ten years ago when Mariah broke out of her shell, fluttering her wings with the runaway stardom of Butterfly. Will she open up the same way again? Another album is in the works as the replacement for the remix project. Still having the killer set of pipes she's been known to open up to the point of ear-shattering decibels has been one of her claims to fame, all she has to do is say "Aah."

6 Songs to Get Mariah Carey's "Angel's Advocate" Off the Shelf