A Guided Tour through Roger Steffens’ Reggae Archives

Roger Steffens had a substantial hand in popularizing reggae in the United States as an early fan and Los Angeles radio DJ, and he’s got the goods to prove it—his six-room library is jammed with live cassettes, 42 years’ worth of Rolling Stone (he bought the first-ever issue en route to Vietnam), rare vinyl and literally 3000 buttons of Bob Marley’s face. As an archivist and a friend, Steffens traveled to Africa with Marley as well, and peppers this deeply awesome guided tour with several choice anecdotes about the experience—echoes of his hailed “Life of Bob Marley” shows across the country. (via Salacious Sound)

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  1. Kate says:

    I work as an archivist, and this is what I love most about the profession – getting to work with subject specialists/collectors who have a single-minded passion about the areas they collect in. As an archivist AND reggae enthusiast, I can’t look at all those live audio cassettes without wanting to work with him to write a grant to get them backed up on some more stable media, though – those live recordings are irreplaceable!