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Lo-Fi Acolytes, Hail Your Mother

Exile in Guyville, Liz Phair's 1993 debut, doesn't need any more accolades. Almost every nerd recognizes the fact that it is, basically, a lo-fi landmark. After revisiting it years after our first listen, we remember why. And we decided to go a step further into Phairland, making the move to excavate, with more than a little excitement, "The Girlysound Tapes," which pre-date Guyville and sound as fresh as a new Best Coast jam.

It's a little frustrating to consider that these recordings--lo-fi, crafty, lyrically-driven--would probably be darlings of the indie scene if Phair had released them today. Add reverb, add that mysterious haze we're all so crazy for and you have, truly, a bunch of recordings that could have been cobbled together yesterday. They're an interesting batch, and most definitely worth a listen if you haven't checked them out: unreleased tracks rub shoulders with early incarnations of Guyville classics. And keep in mind, only Liz Phair could really float the line: "Don't give me that sucker fish shit, cause I'm not getting younger," and make us think: yeah, we're tired of sucker fish shit, too.

Lo-Fi Acolytes, Hail Your Mother