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Chris Brown's New Mixtape Doesn't Fan His Flames


This weekend's "Virginia Stand Up! A Call to Action" benefit concert was a reminder that Chris Brown hasn't buried his old self since being the ugly tabloid headliner with Rihanna. The gossip that gets in the way of remembering the hearts he won over with songs like "Wall to Wall" and "Gimme Dat," it has disappeared into his all-black stage outfit, giving the appearance of going rogue as a pop vigilante he's become on his new Fan of a Fan mixtape.

It's really Chris Brown's show even though Tyga's name is on the cover. Tyga doesn't really come break out boisterous michief with groupies until the very last four songs of the mixtape. It really makes sense though because regardless of who Chris Brown pairs himself with, the scrutiny is more placed on how he'll respond to his past, if at all. Check for "Deuces," "Like A Virgin Again," and "I'm So Raw." Click here to download. After the jump see Chris Brown stun the crowd with his recent dance sequence.

Chris Brown's New Mixtape Doesn't Fan His Flames