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Ghostpoet, "Cash and Carry Me Home" MP3

Ghostpoet describes his dark tales of everyday life hanging out, partying and drinking as his "pacemaker, conscience and compass." The corners of his mind are rife with keepsakes like a smashed cell phone, empty bottles of alcohol, all remnants of nights that seem to have turned blurry in his memory.

Listen to a song like "Cash and Carry Me Home," and his monotone rattles rapping in a stream of consciousness style, reminiscent of a guy he looks up to: Mike Skinner better known as The Streets. By the time his British-Jamaican twang takes over the chorus, lighters are up, not just to bow down to it's authentic UK 2-step shuffle, but also because it's the much-needed guide into Ghostpoet's cloudy past. Audio after the jump.

[This download was removed at the request of the artist's management. Continue to enjoy the stream of "Cash and Carry Me Home" and stay tuned for Ghostpoet's forthcoming album due this year.]

Ghostpoet, "Cash and Carry Me Home" MP3