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The-Dream, "One In A Million (Aaliyah Cover)" MP3



OK if there is one thing that will surely get you stomped on by an angry mob its trying to touch anything that has ever been touched by Aaliyah. People don't like folks messing with three things: their money, their macaroni and cheese and their beloved Baby Girl. So we have to say The-Dream has balls, but we already knew that. Most people were probably expecting some sort of major bass beat switch up on the whole track with added Dream-like drops ("ella" and "ahh") but he paid homage to her by doing the damn thing simple. We appreciate the falsetto and loyalty to the original for Dream's forthcoming #LoveSessions mixtape. It's the way Aaliyah would've done a cover (and did). Sigh, either way, we still miss you Baby Girl.

Download: The-Dream, "One In A Million"

Posted: May 18, 2010
The-Dream, "One In A Million (Aaliyah Cover)" MP3