Video: Quadron, "Herfra Hvor Vi Står"

In Quadron's homeland of Denmark they are practically loners in the field of rhythmic love tunes. Rather than cater to the core constituency of European techno and other drug-addled dance music, Quadron has earned American fanfare with their self-titled debut mainly in English. Barely any of the songs are sung in Danish, except for the album's grand finale, "Herfra Hvor Vi Står."

The title of the song roughly translates to "where we Star." The rest of the lyrics on the slow steamer are anyone's guess, still Coco's arresting sweetness is universal. In the video Coco, her producer Robin and company simply record in a homely setting, similar to the intimate surroundings we created for them when they came to NY for a Suite903 Session. Until our official recap of Quadron's set, check out their latest video below.

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Video: Quadron, "Herfra Hvor Vi Står"