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Video: Woven Bones, "Your Way With My Life"

When it is the middle of May and it is pouring rain and our photo dude comes in from outside and is like, "I win the award for the wettest pants" and we all laugh grimly and then stare at our computers again, it seems like we should just pick up the FADER office and move it somewhere that is perpetually warm and dry. You wouldn't expect it, but this video for Woven Bones' "Your Way With My Life," amplifies that feeling even more. They are playing darts against a rusty shack outside! When was the last time we got to do that? They spend a lot of time reading and drinking things with a skull logo on them! We could probably do that too, but they're doing it on couches and relaxing and stuff. Sure, it looks a little dirty, and while watching the video we get the vibe that there's a bunch of grime and mold all over the camera lens, and that if we actually moved to a warmer place we'd spend all our time sitting inside without AC watching old VHS tapes and sweating. But right now that sounds pretty sweet. (via The Tripwire)

Video: Woven Bones, "Your Way With My Life"