Bad Religion Giving Away Live Digital Album

Look at Bad Religion going all Internet generation on us! The boys are apparently giving away an album's worth of live tracks from their recent House Of Blues tour in Southern California. All you have to do is sign up for some Bad Religion e-mail updates, which seems it would be pretty painless considering you chose to read this story. Check out the tracklist below and sign up for the list to get a link to the free album here.

30 Years Live Track Listing:

01 Fuck Armageddon, This is Hell
02 Dearly Beloved
03 Suffer
04 Man With A Mission
05 New Dark Ages
06 Germs of Perfection
07 Marked
08 A Walk
09 Flat Earth Society
10 Resist Stance
11 American Jesus
12 Social Suicide
13 Atheist Peace
14 Tomorrow
15 Won't Somebody
16 Los Angeles Is Burning
17 We're Only Gonna Die

Bad Religion Giving Away Live Digital Album