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Dondria, "You're the One" (JD's Jeep Mix)


Dondria's "You're the One" remix was meant for Jeeps, not SUVs. Taking Bootsy Collins' "I'd Rather Be With You" funkstravaganza, Jermaine Dupri gave his protegé's song new life. The thing is that it's not just an ordinary remix, it's Jeep mix. Sorry, the record wasn't sanctioned by Chrysler's sister brand. The fact that JD still gives a nod to folks (like him) who prefer to hear big records in equally massive automobiles is a testament to his legacy in R&B. Listen to Dondria's gas guzzling track below.

Download: Dondria "You're the One" (JD's Jeep Mix)

Dondria, "You're the One" (JD's Jeep Mix)