Video: Beyonce, "Halo" (Alternate Version)

The last time we saw Beyoncé and Michael Ealy breathing the same air, they were close enough to eskimo kiss in the video for "Halo." They staged an affectionate staring contest, a cute way to illustrate B's infatuation on the record that came out on last year's I Am...Sasha Fierce.

A new version of the video hit the web recently with the same amount of googly eyes, but it was cut to fit in new scenes of Ealy on the run from some dangerous pursuers. What was wrong with the first one? SPOILER ALERT! It wasn't like we were left on a clifhanger from the original. Ealy and Bey make a good on-screen couple, like she did with, (drumroll) Idris Elba! Ha! Except, King Driis saw a lot worse with his side piece in Obsessed. Ealy getting offed by some dogs, what a way to go.

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Video: Beyonce, "Halo" (Alternate Version)