Video: King Driis f. Shadow, "Hold On"


So, Idris Elba raps. Not like in the Joaquin Phoenix kind of way of putting drunken slurs into a rhythm that he calls hip-hop. What's amazing is that Idris is so good that this new side of himself has to be given a proper alias, King Driis. Resepect this man's conglomerate because he not only flips the script from his British accent, his Jamaican patois is so authentic (especially considering he's half Ghanaian) Taye Diggs would quit studying Marked for Death and start taking notes from King Driis. Check out the video for "Hold On" produced by 9th Wonder after the jump.

[vimeo width="570" height="489"][/vimeo]

[Giant Step]

Video: King Driis f. Shadow, "Hold On"