The-Dream, "Sex Intelligent" and "My Black Everything" MP3

Men are outnumbered by women in Atlanta, GA. "Welcome to ATL," says The-Dream on the intro to "Sex Intelligent." It's a smart move to cuff your chick in A-Town, or else... Whether you like it or not, there's not just another guy wise enough get her from under your arm, think about the rest of the state waiting on you to slip up. The-Dream is always a reliable source to win over your lady's heart with just the right instructions to sweat out her hairdo or suggest the right gift to lure her your way—all black in the case of "My Black Everything" from Lovesessions due any day now. Heed The-Dream's advice after the jump.

Download: The-Dream "Sex Intelligent"

Download: The-Dream "My All Black Everything"

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The-Dream, "Sex Intelligent" and "My Black Everything" MP3