Bruno Mars f. Lloyd, "Dance In The Mirror" MP3

Bruno and Lloyd singing is like chocolate covered pretzels, the perfect opposites. Lloyd's rasp has long been on our Suite903 sexy mixtape and Bruno's voice is a great counterpoint. We're sort of melting in our chairs right now but that may just be this heatwave weather. We wish we had the time to dance in the mirror for our lovers every morning but we're usually running around nude trying to put on underwear and eat toast at the same time.

We certainly don't have time to dance bossa nova in the mirror for the enjoyment of the likes of Bruno and Lloyd and because of this we are jealous. We would like to give such young men props for making a proper love ballad. The acoustic sound of this jam is one we don't really hear from their peers because everyone wants to have mega bass and possibly autotune. Their soft-as-a-whisperin-your-ear tone is like something off an Astrud Gilberto track that you play when you're trying to woo someone. This shit sounds like you woke up on the beach in Brazil, which makes sense as to why you would be dancing naked in front of the mirror. Hell, we dance naked if we woke up at a Holiday Inn on the Jersey turnpike with Lloyd or Bruno. Both of these dudes are major standouts on the scene right now and this track is certainly maiming the competition. Whatever, this song is blowing our minds and we cant think straight. We're gonna retire into our Suite903 lounge and calm ourselves down.

Download: Bruno Mars f. Lloyd, "Dance In The Mirror"

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Bruno Mars f. Lloyd, "Dance In The Mirror" MP3