Peter Hadar Takes Five from Prepping His Awakening Concert Residency

Peter Hadar is putting his "full time lover" title into action this year with a monthly residency of shows at Ella lounge in NY's Lower East Side. Remember, back when Stevie Wonder boldly claimed he was a part time lover, see, that was a sign of the player in him. Times have changed though, and putting in overtime is where Peter succeeds without attrition. Taking the stage at Ella with his band—drummer, piano player, and some bodacious backup singers/dancers—that's the feather in Peter's hat. For his next trick on June 17th, he's all about making the The Awakening another episode in the spectacle of getting his (female) audience hot and bothered. We chatted with Peter for a quick five question q&a where he talks about linking food with his alternative R&B, and what's on his personal playlist.


Throughout your career so far, what are some things that you have changed and what are some things you aim to maintain about who you are and what your music represents?

Peter Hadar: That’s a great question. I came into the game as a big fan of different artists and their music. It is not easy to stand for something at times, but you learn to see that it is not all about the suites, and labels, and awards. At the end, I try to remember that it is all about the people. Once you have the support of the people, that’s the real power. I wish to constantly connect to the people who really matter, those who support and love my music.

This is your focus.

Peter Hadar: I started off trying to prove that I could “make it” and like I said, it is easy to get caught up in the things that do not really matter. At the end of the day though, the fans make me happy. They allow me to be who I am. They allow me to be the music and become a complete artist.

What is the biggest fear you have had to conquer as an artist so far?

Peter Hadar: My father was a child prodigy. He was an independent artist who sang with the likes of The Winans and James Cleveland. My biggest fear is that I don’t push past what he’s already done. He is my competition, my only competition. It’s all about being great, waking up every morning to be great. It takes a lot of work, but that is my biggest fear—not being great.

Speaking of the morning, here's a curveball, if you had to compare your music to a certain type of food, what would it be? Why?

Peter Hadar: Wow. OK give me a min. I know! Baked chicken and mangoes.

Really! Wow, explain.

Peter Hadar: You see I would compare my music to baked chicken and mangoes because they are both delicious. It is a mixture of things that people wouldn’t ordinarily put together, but yet it s a wonderful combination!

Imagine at the last minute, you have to DJ for the night, what artists are a must in your rotation?

Peter Hadar: Biggie, Autolux, Ghostface Killah, NERD, Clinic and of course my own, Peter Hadar. You could call me DJ I C Jean Michael by the way.

A nice fit to your alternative R&B. But on the traditional tip, what is your favorite Michael Jackson album of all time?

Peter Hadar: Off the Wall is my favorite! He painted Studio 54 and that era so perfect. That was the “brotha record” of MJ’s career following The Jackson 5. It was his most soulful album in my opinion.

Nice mix.

Peter Hadar: It’s ok to be rebellious but there is a time for everything. Being rebellious at times has helped and hurt me, but if I continue to be who I am and stay true to my path, my life will be dictated by my work ethic and how I deal with my fans and so you the fans are what really matters most when it comes to my music.

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Peter Hadar Takes Five from Prepping His Awakening Concert Residency