Amerie, "Who's Gonna Love U" MP3

Amerie is probably the most slept on R&B singer of the past decade, point-blank-period. Besides the fact that her voice has a quality and range that leave many of her peers in the dust, her ability to sing over big banger beats and not get lost is the true mark of her amazing talent. This girl could sing over the kind of bass that makes your car jump back and forth while your ears bleed and still not be overpowered. Maybe she should do a ridiculous dubstep jam? There's enough swagger in her voice and personality to pull off anything.

After sitting down with her a few months back, we're convinced any man that left her for another girl most likely downgraded astronomically. So we're pretty sure this song is hitting a few old boyfriends right where it hurts. Amerie, however, just got engaged so we're not too worried about it and neither is she, we presume.

Download: Amerie, "Who's Gonna Love U"

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Amerie, "Who's Gonna Love U" MP3