Drake f. Alicia Keys, "Fireworks" MP3

Photo by Jonathan Mannion

If we were to suggest that Drake and Alicia Keys formed their own supergroup called Intermix would people riot? Would another crossover between Drizzy and A. Keys be too much to handle—kinda like when you eat pop rocks with soda in an attempt to see if your stomach really will explode? You know what else would explode: Drake if he actually fell in love any time within the next ten years. Lets be real dude you're hotter than Usain Bolt's socks and you want to settle down? Girls experience spontaneous combustion at the mere thought of being in the same room as you. You are at your peak of heartthrob-ness. Stop being silly. On another note to Alicia: that's what she said.

Download: Drake f. Alicia Keys, "Fireworks"

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Drake f. Alicia Keys, "Fireworks" MP3