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Wild Nothing, "The Witching Hour" MP3


There are times when music comes out at the exact right moment. It's not often—so many things factor into that magical confluence of music and seasonal atmosphere. Sometimes the artist doesn't care and we're like, WHAT THE HELL THIS IS A SUMMER ALBUM WHY DID YOU RELEASE IT IN FEBRUARY?!? Other times, there are uncontrollable delays: the pressing plant screwed up, the mastering wasn't quite right, the label wanted to do a proper promotional push, can't rush the artistic process, etc etc etc. Wild Nothing has managed to get his excellent debut album Gemini out at the exact right moment. Not sure if credit is due to the dude himself or to Captured Tracks for being so on-point with the release date (right now). But listen to album highlight "The Witching Hour" below, because it sounds like the sometimes-humid shift from spring to summer, when nothing feels better than wandering around in the evening with no real purpose except to listen to it constantly on repeat.

Download: Wild Nothing, "The Witching Hour" (via Pinglewood)

Wild Nothing, "The Witching Hour" MP3