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Re-Issue: Tricky

Each week, FADER Media Style Director Chioma Nnadi will comment on the throwback style and fashion of a Suite903 artist. Today’s Re-Issue: Tricky

Martina Topley-Bird was only 15 when she met British producer/nut job Tricky. As the story goes, she was sitting on the wall in her school uniform smoking when Tricky came over and started chatting her up. Maxinquaye was Tricky's first album, and one of the joints that I listened to consistently throughout my first year at college. It's a tense, lyrically angry record that's ultimately broken up by the haunting beauty of Topley-Bird's vocals, and arguably the best work he ever put on wax. I went to school in Manchester, the city with the highest rainfall (and highest suicide rate) in the UK, so moody trip-hop bands including bands Massive Attack and Portishead pretty much first the track record.

Tricky and Topley-Bird stopped working together in 1998, and although they have a child together, it's unclear whether the couple have exchanged much friendly communication since. Besides that intriguingly tumultuous personal relationship, I've always been fascinated by their personal style, a kind of a punk-leaning nonchalance that usually involved oversized hoodies and neon-colored hair dye jobs. Both artists have this intense, melancholy toughness about them, and often people with that kind of presence don't require much styling at all.

Re-Issue: Tricky