Suite903 TV: MURS Talks About the Making of Fornever


New rap pairings these days are all the rage. Outside of traditional groups (Mobb Deep, Gang Starr) that come up paying dues together, to later make their debut, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see a special collaboration between loners like MURS and 9th Wonder band together for something just as great. Back in 2004, MURS and 9th made the unheralded MURS 3:16: The 9th Edition, a backpacker’s wet dream of chopped up soul samples, and vivid storytelling. What seemed like one of those rare moments is routine now that they’re on their third opus, Fornever. After the jump watch MURS discuss the evolution of their dynamic relationship.

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  1. stiff arm says:

    turn the hd off if murs’ hair frightens you