Download: Ghostpoet, The Sound of Strangers EP

Here in the States, the day is just beginning when Gilles Peterson is on the air grooving in a red-eye shift on British time, bumping selections from his mood-setting playlist. The diversity of beats that lives on his BBC Radio 1 show has found its way into the dark tell-tale raps that don't always rhyme, but still weave together the spiraling chain of events from Ghostpoet. His new EP sounds is as haunting as any UK grime, minus the heavy gun play because the amount of hard partying he recaps are laden with worse consequences than a simple hangover. It's s a slow-sipping four tracks with no filler of watered down chasers needed to get the scope of some rocky times, and even a relaxed moment especially in his flip of A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation." Keep reading to get the EP download link.

Tracklist for Ghostpoet's Sound of Strangers EP

1. Gone
2. Morning feat. Micachu
3. Longing For The Night
4. Love Confusion

Click here to download the album.

Download: Ghostpoet, The Sound of Strangers EP