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Stream: Blitzen Trapper's Destroyer of the Void

Just before we all headed to the beach for Memorial Day weekend, we got word that Blitzen Trapper were streaming their new album Destroyer of the Void for free up until its release date on June 8th. It was really sunny all weekend and we had all sorts of plans to be hermits from technology and, like, not even look at a computer let alone use one. But the pull of playing this record in places other than our office and/or homes was too great—and dudes, no surprise, it jams. Blitzen Trapper have been one of the most consistent bands around, putting forth the kind of effortless songwriting that is totally indicative of a band that's comfortable in its own skin. Your mind isn't gonna be blown open by THE NEW POSSIBILITIES OF MUSIC when you're listening to this or anything, but it's the kind of record that we can all collectively pull out in thirty years and try to play for our kids. At which point they will make fun of us but secretly like it, and that's some serious lasting power.

Stream: Blitzen Trapper, Destroyer of the Void

Stream: Blitzen Trapper's Destroyer of the Void