Brutha f. Jadakiss, "Sex-a-holic (Can't Get Enough)" (Remix) MP3


The young gents of Brutha are not playing around. It's because they've mastered the secret to good seduction using harp. If you're not fucking with the harp then you are in the minor leagues of the game. If you add some "oohs" in the background then your partner is forced to face the fact that they are dealing with a pro. We can't see how the "Sex-a-holic" original could be better than the remix. Jadakiss has dropped verses on some of the best harem-friendly jams around; that coupled with the fact they mention both Usher and Tiger in a song about being a sex-a-holic solidifies credibility. Hey, it's Friday, add some sexy to your life for the weekend dudes!

Download: Brutha f. Jadakiss, "Sex-a-holic (Can't Get Enough)" (Remix)


Brutha f. Jadakiss, "Sex-a-holic (Can't Get Enough)" (Remix) MP3